American Bobtail
Scale of Points
Torso: Moderately long and substantial with a rectangular stance. Chest full and broad. Back to be straight but not level, rising slightly toward hips. Hips almost as wide as chest. Deep flank. Muscular and athletic in appearance. Legs: In proportion to the body, of good length and substantial boning. Feet: Large and round. Toe tufts are desirable in longhairs. Tail: Short, with a minimum length of 1 inch actual bone. May extend to the hock, but not past it. Boning: Substantial. Musculature: Substantial, firm and especially noticeable in males.
Broad modified wedge with gently rounded contours, without noticeable flat planes or doming. Size in proportion to the body.
Medium to moderately large with slightly rounded tips and wide at the base. Placement should be as much on the top of the head as the side, following the shape of the wedge. Lynx tipping, furnishings and ocelli markings are desirable. Ears may appear pointed when lynx tipping is present.
Large, almost almond in shape. Set at a slight bias to the ear. Eye color has no relationship to coat color, except in pointed, minks, and sepias.
Resilient, all weather. Double coat in both hair lengths. (ABT) Medium-long, shaggy. Slightly longer hair on ruff, britches, belly and tail. Mutton chops preferred with long hair. (ABS) Medium-short, stands slightly away from the body. Hair may be slightly longer on belly.
Ghost markings desirable in lynx points. Tarnishing on silvers not penalized.